What Are “Dramats”?

The meaning of the word “Dramat” is quite simple; it is merely a shortened version of a “Dramatic photo”. However, the significance behind the word is much broader and meaningful then its actual purpose and origin. Taking into consideration all of the laughs and “good times” we’ve had relating to dramats, the word has a definition that is supreme to all other words. When we say “dramats” to each other, it does not simply mean “pictures”. It means happiness, friendship and memories.


6 thoughts on “What Are “Dramats”?

  1. Thanks for visiting. I see you think old crappy houses are cause for dramats. In that case, my house should make me extremely ecstatic. C’mon over sometime and browse in my half-dug basement, or sit inside the scaffolding in my no floors, walls or ceiling kitchen.

    • Joe Conradt says:

      I recently removed ugly paneling from my backhall, leaving very old and distressed walls exposed. These walls are now refinished and ready for painting. Couldn’t help but take a picture or two before I covered them in plaster.

      But I do appreciate the invite haha.

  2. I saw your old walls and like. πŸ™‚ Thanks for stopping by Keeping up with Carol!

  3. Hi there πŸ™‚ I just wanted to thank you for your like on my post! I love this sparkler photo! Have a wonderful day!

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