My Little Ducks

+++There are two types of people in the world.  People who love ducks and people who prefer not to make it known.  I however, prefer to express my love of ducks on the internet, without sending any links to immediate family or worthwhile friends.  I’m sure you have found yourself in similar situations, torn between your love of ducks and your reputation.  Not to worry though, I will share a couple pictures of mine so you can enjoy ducks without anyone knowing.

+++I was sitting in a park near a river one day when I noticed a duck walking along.  After a bit of awkward eye contact he came over and told me his name was Bill.  He was in the fishing business he mentioned as we made small talk, and he was merely on break and looking for human food.  Here’s a picture of him below.

+++After a bit of chatting with Bill, I spotted his cousin swimming on the river nearby.  This next duck is the first of its kind, so I’m very excited to share it with you.  What makes him so special is his inconspicuous lack of head.  Now, it is my understanding that the headless variant is quite rare around my state, so photographing it was nothing less than a delight!

I asked him his name, but he didn’t respond.  It wasn’t personal though, because Bill informed me that he was rather closemouthed.  The weird look he gave me as he swam by also indicated his distaste of conversation, perhaps he was traumatized during his ducklinghood.  He had a lisp too, so I’m sure that he experienced limited social interaction.  But nevertheless, it was a pleasure meeting him.

+++I’m afraid the other ducks I photographed requested that I withhold their pictures from my post.  So at this point only Bill and his cousin are to be seen.  In the future though I plan to seek more ducks to photograph!  Perhaps ones who are more photogenic as well (Bill’s cousin refused to smile).

+++Also on a slightly unrelated note, for all of you who say “ducktape”, please realize their is a large difference between a “duck” and a “duct”.  Ducktake is waterproof and exceptionally good and taping on missing limbs or heads.